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Additional Services

Business Frontage, Streetscape and Rooftop plantings: Transform urban environments with our streetscape container plantings. We design and install eye-catching arrangements in urban spaces, enhancing streetscapes with greenery and contributing to a healthier, more vibrant community. Our team can create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing rooftop gardens, turning underutilized spaces into green havens that provide numerous environmental and aesthetic benefits.

Faux Plants/Artificial's- We do custom installations using Faux plant material. Single tree or plants in pots, planter boxes, faux living walls and other installations.  

Interior Plant Maintenance Program: Nurturing Green Spaces, Sustaining Tranquility

 We understand the vital role that interior plants play in enhancing the ambiance of your living or working space. Our Interior Plant Maintenance Program is designed with meticulous care, ensuring that your indoor greenery thrives, creating an environment of tranquility and well-being. Here's an overview of our comprehensive services:

  • Watering: Our skilled and attentive team takes the guesswork out of plant care with a precise watering schedule. We tailor our approach to each plant's specific needs, ensuring they receive the optimal amount of water to flourish. From moisture-sensitive varieties to those requiring drier conditions, our watering regimen promotes robust growth and vibrant foliage.
  • Cleaning: A pristine appearance is key to the visual impact of your interior plants. Our maintenance program includes regular cleaning sessions to remove dust, dirt, and debris from leaves, keeping them not only aesthetically pleasing but also allowing for better light absorption and improved air quality.
  • Trimming: We will trim and prune your plants to encourage healthy growth, maintain shape, and remove any dead or damaged foliage. This not only enhances the overall appearance of your greenery but also promotes air circulation and reduces the risk of pests.
  • Fertilization: To ensure your plants receive the essential nutrients for sustained vitality, our program includes a carefully crafted fertilization schedule. We use specialized fertilizers that cater to the unique needs of interior plants, promoting strong root systems, lush foliage, and vibrant blossoms.
  • Preventative Pest Control: Guarding against potential pest infestations is a crucial aspect of our maintenance program. We implement preventative measures to deter pests before they become a problem, utilizing eco-friendly solutions that protect your plants without compromising the health of your indoor environment.