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Professional Designers

Explore some of our favorite projects with Los Angeles' Top Interior Designers


Kevin Klein

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kevin draws design inspiration from both his backyard, as well as his travels. There is no typical project – work varies intensely, and each project is approached as a unique problem to solve.
Each assignment, be it a creative office, single-family residence, restaurant, or apartment complex, all retain a commitment to character, vibrancy, and above all authenticity.


Alice Cheng

Alice has a fondness for construction and the intricacies of the build process. Working hand in hand with contractors and craftspeople to bring the fine details of a project to life.


Hanna Li

"It is important for our clients to feel a deep connection to their environment, and we are committed to telling each story through the lens of our artistic style & academic discipline. We do this by incorporating elements that are highly bespoke, while assigning each keystone object a meaning & belonging. It is through this process of honest exploration & vulnerable revelation with the client that we ultimately discover what you love, and who you are."